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01. Why choose a Naxos Trekking Tour?

Our tours combine walking experience with sightseeing, intended to let you explore unique hidden beauties of Naxos. Our local guides share their knowledge about history, nature, geology, culture and traditions of Naxos, so that you can reveal the pure soul of our island. You can check other travelers’ testimonials about our tours on Trip Advisor.

You can choose among the tours in our list, but we are flexible on making changes according to your requests and needs, where is possible.

02. Can I take my children, too?

We provide family friendly hiking options for all ages. We can recommend the best tour for you and your family according to your interests and needs.

All hikes/tours are conducted on a natural terrain. (Children should be under parental supervision).

03. When can we hike?

Naxos Trekking operates from April to November on a daily basis. Keeping mainly your safety and pleasure in mind, we conduct our tours when weather conditions are suitable for this kind of activity. Starting time might vary depending on weather conditions and the time of the year.

Naxos Trekking has the right to amend or cancel a tour due to adverse weather conditions.

04. Shall I bring water with me?

We provide bottle water, bio refreshments and local snacks in all of our hikes and walks.

Additionally we offer you a complimentary meal with various meze dishes of local gastronomy and drinks.  The meals are offered in local taverns or Kafeneio at the village we conduct the activity. Some remote areas might not offer that option.

Additionally sightseeing tours do not include that service.

05. What is the level of difficulty?

Our tours are conducted at a comfortable pace and cover distances between 3 to 10.5 kilometers (1.3 to 6.5 miles). Their rating varies from easy to demanding.

The elevation gain/loss ranges between 200 to 670 meters (660 to 2210 feet). They are all geared towards the average active traveler, and are designed to be relaxing yet dynamic.

Everyone who doesn’t have medical issues is capable of participating Naxos Trekking tours.

We provide many different options so as anyone can participate; from young children to elderly people.

Our tours are not suitable for people with walking difficulties, strollers and wheelchairs.

06. How can I pay?

Cash, Paypal and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa) are accepted

07. Are there any additional costs?

Museums, Archaeological Sites, Churches & Exhibitions

Admission to museums and archaeological sites requires an extra cost.We cover that costs.

Nevertheless, it has always been a common practice to give a small amount of money as a donation when visiting a church in Greece. This money is used for maintenance reasons. Therefore, being part of this tradition is optional to you.

It is always advisable to bear with you some money for any personal expenses or tips.